This Avocardo, kale, acai, chai seeds cacao, walnut and cucumber & carrot salad doesn’t get much closer to super

This superfood salad is a real winner, rich in vitamins and minerals it’s packed full of healthy goodness. Everything your body needs & I do mean everything…

Acai berries – one of the best superfoods on the market

– helps prevent cancer

– aids in weight lose by reducing appetite

– used for treating various skin conditions

– reduces risk of stroke

– boosts mental functions and sharpness of mind.

-relives sexual dysfunction and lack sexual stamina

– contains omega 3 & omega 6 and is one of the best sources of Antioxidants

Avocardo – another unique fruit packed with loads of goodness.

-Avocardo reduces bad breath

-strengthen hair and moisture in our bodies

-makes our skin healthier

-protects liver from damage

– aids in digestion and weight management

-improves our eye sight.

– made up of vitamin A, C and D iron & calcium

Chai seeds – very high In omega 3 fatty acids. The good ones ..

– contains vitamin C & D

-iron and calcium

– helps to promote growth and strengthen hair

Kale – another superfood. very high In fibre

– rich in iron

– high in vitamin B-6

– contains vitamins C & B

– great source of vitamin K

Cucumber – just because…

– contains a mineral called silica Which promotes healthier skin, hair and nails

– protects our brains from neurological diseases

– protects your bones. Reduce bad breath & relive pain.


– helps to improve bone health

– reduces the risk of diabetes

– prevents growth of cancerous cells in our bodies

– enhances mood for children and adults

– loaded with omega 3

– packed full of vitamin B-6 to support brain health

Carrots – and finally… what’s up Doc? …

– carrots keep our eyes healthier

-one of the best Antioxidants and keeps our hearts healthy

– healthy teeth and gums

– wound treating ability

– better digestion

-improves brain health

Just toss all the ingredients together in a bowl and season to taste. Remember to wash the kale a few times as kale is very dirty some times. You can also add some lemon juice to the Avocardo to stop it browning if your going to save it for another day.

This is a great salad to have on hot summer day, it’s fresh and vibrant. Packed full of essential vitamins and minerals our bodies & minds could benifit from.

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Thanks for reading

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