This treacle cured salmon carries a unusual but brilliant flavour. Try it yourself.

curing is a wonderful thing.curing is a way of preserving meat & fish for longer to prevent spoilage. This method involves a dry cure.

Curing is done by appealing salt nitrates. Nitrites and sugar to meat or fish.

This dish is super simple but will require some patience as the salmon will need a minimum of 48 hours curing time.

Recipe– 16 portions

-1 whole salmon filet from whole scale. About 750-1kg trimmed & skinned

– 80g black treacle

– 2 Tbsp fennel seeds

-grated zest of 1 lemon

-50g sea salt

-1 Tbsp mustard seeds

– 2 Tbsp black pepper


-Salt the salmon on both sides.

-Warm the treacle mix in a metal bowl over a pan of simmering water until runny. Allow to cool.

-Pour the treacle mix over the salmon and wrap tight and well in cling film

-leave at room temperature for one hour then refrigerate for 48 hours.

– when ready to serve remove the cling film & scrap away any excess liquid. Pat dry.

-cut at a 90 degree angle into even 3mm thick pieces.

Salmon after 48 hours.

The end result is a stunning dish that carries a a unusual but brillant flavour. The treacle really enhances the salmon.

Place the salmon on wooden board with newspaper to add a more rustic look to the dish. Cut some lemon and limes and garnish with micro herbs.

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