A journey across bulgaria 🇧🇬 – cuisine & culture

I spent 11 days traveling around Bulgaria last August. What a beautiful country full of pride and tradition. This is a very proud country I saw some amazing places and made some amazing memories from the local culture & local cuisine which was excellent most places I went .. keep reading to find out. Very friendly place. I loved it. Heres the journey

We flew to Sofia international airport & arrived about 2am. We had a 2 day stay in Sofia, we saw the local sites and explored many restaurants. We saw the local government builders where the prime minister works, we saw Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Beautiful building. Hugh, looks like the citadel from games of thrones..

Due these 11 days i experience heat like ive never experienced before, to say it was hot is a understatment ..

The first place we visited for food was a place called happy which is a major food chain in Bulgaria. The menu is vast and exciting from chicken to live sushi making and exotic cocktails. We eat here out across Bulgaria because the food was exceptional. Couldn’t fault anything.

A meal from Happy bar and grill. Grilled chicken, tomato salsa and potato wedges. Doesn’t look like much but the flavours was incredible. This chicken might have been the most perfectly cooked ive ever eaten.. honestly it was that good.

Meat & chips – lamb kofta with chilli salsa & chips. Another meal that was perfectly cooked, the chips were handmade and was very fluffy.

Alexander Nevsky cathedral in right in the centre of Sofia. Does it not remind you of game of thrones ? …

The prime ministers office in uptown Sofia. Very nice area for a sunset walk.

My hotel first hotel was fabulous, no issues or complaints, Diter hotel Sofia was very good for a 2 night stay with breakfast for 2 people cost 125 Lev ( £55 )

Cosy little hotel on a sleepy street in a busy city.

The room was very nice with big windows to allow for an awesome breeze to flow through. Very spacious & comfy. Came with a fully loaded mini bar which we did indulge in. From macadamia nuts to cans of elderflower fanta.

After visiting the mall and local cafe, and seeing the city. It was time to travel to our next destination 256 miles away all the way on the other side of the country. .. sunny beach.

Of course in true hungry chef fashion we took the bus .. big mistake. This was suppose to be a 5 hour journey. Instead it was nearly 8 hours on a sweltering coach. Again it was extremely hot in Bulgaria that month reaching 40c ( 104 F )

None the less we arrived in sunny beach ..

The lush golden sand was a welcome & well deserve sight. We had a 5 night stay here in sunny beach on the coast of the black sea. If you head straight across the sea about 1138 miles you’ll hit a little continent called africa, where youll arrive in Alexandria in egypt.. ( random information for you )

But back to sunny beach, we stay at a hotel called Balaton. Which wasnt very good, the hotel itself was dine, just the unhelpful & not very friendly staff made our stay a bit awkward. ( particularly a blond receptionist ) ..anyway that’s life.

Small hotel rooms with broken air con that wasnt fixed in our time there, as i mentioned before it was extremely hot so that didn’t help at night, we had to sleep with the balcony door open which isn’t a great idea because of mosquitoes.

The outside pool bar was always busy with all types of vibrant nationality, italian, turkish & german, didn’t see many english families but there was some. Sunny beach isn’t really a family destinations as its mostly a party place surrounded by nightclubs & bars & restaurants.

The breakfast buffet, salad, cheese a large number of Bulgarian, german & russian cheeses, they looked a big strong for me so i steered clear, also there was

sausages,again a large mix of german & Bulgarian. I tried boar sausage. It was very nice and meaty. ham,prosciutto,and many other variety of meats, eggs, hard-boiled eggs, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms.( overcooked & grey ) toast, jams, and preservatives,tea, coffee and juices. overall a good breakfast. Very fulfilling and a good variety on offer.

The night life is fast and loud, as it would be in any party destination. Most parties finishing at round 6am. Quad bikes, Segway & horse & carriage roam the streets here so look both ways before crossing the road.

Many attractions around sunny beach to enjoy at night, there is a very large ferris wheel on the beach front that makes for some good Ariel photos of the surrounding area. There are plenty of casinos offering good deals to get you to enter. There is also a nightclub on the beach just up the road on cocoa beach. Very nice beach, but the prices are high as it’s a private beach

there are also loads of water activities during the day ranging from Jet skiing to banana boat rides ( 6 people in a group needed to book ) jet ski starts at 120 lev for 10 minutes and banana boat 36 lev each for 15 minutes. There are many more activities to choose from.

The local beach bar on Laguna beach was properly my favourite place to eat

The service was excellent, the same waiter served us a number of times, i believe his name was Alex. He was great, very polite and welcoming.

We visited a number of times and ordered some amazing food from freshly cooked thin crust mozzarella & mushroom pizza to full english breakfasts ( every morning ) a nice cold can of kamenitza fresh to follow screenshot_20180806-142730_google4396379048791472453.jpg

Grapefruit beer, which was so good ice-cold.

thanks for reading part 2 is to follow where we travel to St Vlas

& Plovdiv for some amazing sites & food

the hungry chef


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    This is somewhere I have wanted to visit for ages! Great post, really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing

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