Milk buns, something incredible about the smell of homemade bread .. give it a go 🍞

Welcome back, here’s a simple little post and something to satisfy yourself with. You get a really sense of pride of baking bread. Honestly give it a go ..

I made these today with a new food mixer I purchased, its already looking like a good investment. I made chocolate baguette last week, ill have a video demonstration coming soon on that so stay tuned..

You can work these dough by hand but it will take a lot of work but eventually it will come together.

Because you’ll be adding melted butter it will be messy so its best use a food mixer with a dough hook attachment.

But if you don’t have one you can still work in the butter bit by bit..

So for these simple milk buns you’ll need

– 1kg strong bread flour

– 5g fresh yeast

-600ml tepid water

-150g melted butter

-100g sugar

-20g salt

  • Weigh up the flour and the yeast, and add to the mixing bowl, use a measuring jug or weigh up the water, make sure the water is around room temperature add to the mixing bowl.
  • Start on a slow speed for 4 minutes until all the ingredients are incorporated then turn to a medium speed for 9 minutes
  • Weigh up 150g of butter and melt in a saucepan over low heat.
  • Slowly add the cooled butter to the spinning dough on medium speed. Until all the butter has been incorporated
  • Take dough out of mixing bowl and knead into a smooth ball.
  • Let prove in a warm place for about 40 minutes
  • Once proved cut the dough into 100g pieces and roll into balls.

  • Allow these to prove in a warm prove once again.

  • Once proved they are ready for baking, have a pre heated oven ready 180 C for 12 minutes.

Simple and delisocius, the butter and sugar really makes these buns stand out, they are great for BBQ & breakfest rolls. But if your looking for sliced bread instead ..

Knead into a ball and prove in.a warm place for 40 minutes, before baking same the way. Score with a knife for presentation. The end result is the same. Perfect milk buns loaf for sliced bread. spongy and delicious..

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post. As always thanks for reading and supporting us on this journey..

Bon appetite

The hungry chef

3 Comments Add yours

  1. seasonsedscribbles says:

    Yum! You just can’t beat homemade bread 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hemajeevan says:

    Hi I was under the impression that milk buns are made with little milk added. Never realized it is with butter. Last time I made milk bread it did not cook inside. Don’t know what went wrong. Will try out your recipe


    1. Ryan Smith says:

      You can use butter and we also recommend milk powder for a nice rise

      Liked by 1 person

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