A weekend in Amsterdam πŸ‡³πŸ‡± .. local sites & food

So ive visited Amsterdam on a few occasion now. The city is fabulous. And full of stuff to do. The local food is vibrant and exciting, and the culture is brilliant, laid back, friendly and interesting. This post will be a bit of both trips as i couldn’t do everything when i was there the first time so i had to go back…

We flew to Schiphol Airport which is Amsterdam’s main airport it was only a short 45 minute flight from Gatwick london. We departed 7.45am and arrived 8.30 local time. On the first trip we were attending during Chelsea V Benifica Europa league final which made the trip more exciting as we are proud chelsea fans here at the hungry chef.. chelsea went on to win 2-1 amazing atmosphere. I had a few beers with a random Portuguese man who supported Benifica, he was nice and wished us luck.

Chelsea and Benifica fans in dam square about 10 minute walk from Rembrandt square.

We took the rather cool double-decker train to Amsterdam centre, a 48 hour pass for the train network cost only €24 which is a bargain.

We came to Amsterdam centre about 9.10am baring in mind we was in england less than 2 hours ago.. its scary how little away it is from my front door, 246 miles to be exact.

The first visit was in may and it was very hot, im talking T-shirts and short kinda weather.. the area was already very busy, sea of blue and red shirts all around Amsterdam canals and walk ways. The coffee shops and bars were all ready lively with songs and chanting.

We came to Rembrandt square in central Amsterdam a short walk from the station. This area is full of bars and coffee shops.

The first bar we came to was a place called Coco’s outback it came very highly recommended by friends, the bar had 3 floors with 55 tv and sofas everywhere, the place was amazing, i even fell asleep in here for about 2 hours, without anyone minding

After i woke up i had a full english breakfast with tea before ordering 4 bottles of beer for €9 in an ice bucket.

About an hour later i saw something on the menu ive never had or seen before and it was rather tempting, judge us if you like..

Kangaroo burgers, im not sure if this was Kangaroo or not it didn’t taste like beef thats all I can tell you, it had a hard grainy taste, and was very chewy. It was rich is flavour and had a unsual feeling about it, ive never tried Kangaroo since. I didnt enjoy.

After this we headed towards Amsterdam Arena or the Johan Cruyff arena as its also known to see the home of Ajax football club, one of the biggest teams in holland. This area has a few arenas and music halls it’s a fun vibrant, modern area that attracts all different nationalities.

The area is massive and the stadium overpowers that, the Johan Cruyff Arena holds 54.000 supporters and is used for concerts and events all the time. The building next door to the arena is the heineken music hall. On our second trip here we attend a heavy metal concert there Sheffield metal core band Bring me the horizon & while she sleeps where playing here . We attended the concert and had a truly remarkable night, everyone was so friendly to the fact we didn’t speak dutch and most people spoke english and directed us.

And another thing it was cheaper to fo to Amsterdam to see this band than it was to go to london .. which is only 46 miles from my house. So plan a trip with your friends and have a nice weekend together at a concert.

The next day on the second trip after staying in a comfortable hotel called Eden Amsterdam with visited the local sites, we attended the heineken museum Tour where we may have been drunk by the end of it.. plus 5 free beers at the end of the tour.

Very cool you should check it out, plus the virtual reality 3D beer coaster while a little drunk is a funny memory to have.

The museum was full of memorable merchandise from sports super stars like Leo Messi & Luis Figo and so many more, the museum also features plenty of photo booths that show you holding the champions league trophy, these photos are free if you email them to yourself. They are many more photo booths and interactive games around the museum tour

After this took a short walk 7 minutes away to the I Amsterdam sign which is a popular tourist attraction. We had bad weather on the second trip it rained and was cold and miserable, but plenty of Coffee & hot chocolate at smokeys bar really cheered us up.

On our last day here on the second trip we needed to see the world-famous hard rock cafe. It was well worth the cold, wet and windy walk.

it’s tucked away this place even google maps got us lost a few times. But finally we arrived. The menu was awesome, loads of meat and steak everywhere, however you liked it cooked, the range of steaks was vast ranging from cheap cuts to high-end premium cuts, the burgers where fantastic and very filling, everywhere about our visit here was perfect.

I had a brioche beef burger with cheddar, bacon and BBQ sauce, it was divine, best burger ive ever had hands down. The melted cheddar sauce that came as a condiment to the chips was a welcome pleasure, and a unique way of serving cheesy chips.for dessert i had a cake fudge cake with chocolate ice cream, the sponge was so soft and fluffy, and the chocolate simply melted in your mouth.

We sat in the middle here just yards from Zac Wyde signature guitar. This place had so many cool exhibits. Another friendly place with excellent service. But sadly the journey was ending. The first trip to Amsterdam we was only there 1 day, because we was attending a football match. but did our best to stay awake for 26 hours and the second trip we had a 3 day stay where to experienced most of the city.

Amsterdam a brilliant unique city thats vibrant and full of things to do. There is so much i didnt do and see.

It was time to fly home ..

As always we hope you enjoyed reading this, tell us about your experiences in Amsterdam

Thanks for reading ..and thanks for supporting as always.

The hungry chef

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